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Tiger Lily

Tiger Lily (Lilium lancifolium)

Lilium lancifolium, a lily native to Asia and the Russian far east, is an herbaceous flowering plant that starts from a bulb. It is also now established in eastern North America and has many successful varieties. It is distinguished by a bright orange flower with dark spots on petals that curl back to the base, and the dark, reproductive bulbils that grow at the base of its leaves. The bulbs generate clones of the plant they come from. Historically prized in the east for its edible bulbs, it is used as an ornamental garden plant in the west. A variety of extracts from Tiger Lily bulbs are being investigated for cancer cell suppression, promotion of beneficial gut biome, as well as the treatment of the effects of menopause, depression, and inflammation. (Lim, 2014)  

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