Mars Visitor Orientation Video
Martians Past and Present
Mars Aerial
Mars H&P Rig Operations Well A 23
Mars Lifeboat Launch
Mars TLP Flare
Frankie’s Coffee for the Mars TLP Drilling Office
Mars Helicopter Landing
Shell “Mars Blend” – “Oil’s on the Way” (Well Bay Blues)
Shell “Mars Blend” – “So-So Time” and “Knockin’ Our Run Time Down”


Shell Ursa/Princess Waterflood Project in GOM
Shell Ursa TLP Karaoke Night
Shell Ursa Greenstick Fishing for Tuna Nearby

Mars B/Olympus

Shell Mars B Deepwater Project Animation
Shell Mars B Hull Launch
Shell Mars B/Olympus Construction
Shell Olympus Tow Out Mars B First Oil: Integrated & Delivered
CNBC Tours Shell’s Olympus Offshore Platform
Shell Turns to Tenaris for Olympus TLP
Shell Olympus Offshore Drilling Platform

Other Shell Deepwater Gulf of Mexico

The Pioneers of the Gulf of Mexico: 40 Years of Deepwater
Shell Deepwater VR
Shell Oil Deep Sea Endeavor (1960s)
Shell Cognac
Shell Bullwinkle – World of Wonder
Shell Drilling 101: How a Deep Water Well is Drilled
Shell Auger: Deep-water Pioneer
Shell Auger – Driving the Nation
Shell Auger TLP
Shell Auger Control Room
Shell Auger Drilling New Well
Shell Ram-Powell Flare
Shell Ram-Powell Tuna Fishing
Shell Brutus – Tribute to Bert Tradewell
Shell Perdido
Shell Perdido Spar Moves into Place
Shell Perdido: Big, Bigger, Biggest (Nat Geog UK)
Shell Perdido: Encounters With Deep Sea Creatures
Shell Kaikias: Story of the Kaikias Field
Shell Stones
Shell Stones Metocean Monitoring Project
Shell Appomattox Hull Arrives in Texas
Shell Appomattox Hull Sail Away
Shell Appomattox Makes Its Journey Home
Shell Appomattox – Connecting Seabed to Surface
Shell Appomattox – Journey to First Oil
Shell Appomattox – Tapping into Oil Over 30,000 Feet Deep
Shell Appomattox – Begins Production
Shell Appomattox – Skyscraper at Sea
Shell Appomattox – Richard Hammond’s Big
Shell Cougar Platform Becomes an Artificial Reef
Shell Robert Deepwater Training Facility – Informational
Shell Robert Deepwater Training Facility – Overview
Shell Robert Deepwater Training Facility – HUET
Shell Vito

Other Deepwater Gulf of Mexico

The History of Offshore Oil & Gas in the United States, Part 1
The History of Offshore Oil & Gas in the United States, Part 2
NOIA – Fifty Years Offshore
API – Offshore Seismic Surveying
Visualization Lab – 3D Seismic
Visualization Lab – Geophysical Data in the Gulf of Mexico
Cairn Oil and Gas – 4D OBC Seismic Survey
BP Thunder Horse (After Hurricane Dennis)
BP Thunder Horse South Expansion Project
BP Thunder Horse OWOC Gulf Flight
BP Atlantis Platform Animation
BP Mad Dog Phase 2
BP Na Kika (2009)
BP Na Kika (G1200 Lift)
Chevron Blind Faith
Chevron Jack/St. Malo
Chevron Jack/St. Malo in 360 Degrees
Chevron Deepwater Pipeline Repair System
Chevron Meet Bigfoot Floating Skyscraper
Conoco Hutton TLP (North Sea)
DeepStar Kawasaki Autonomous Underwater Vehicle “SPICE”
Deepstar Magnetic Drive System for Electric Submersible Pumps
Exxon Lena (Dive)
Exxon Hoover/Diana
Hess – What Does It Take to Delivery First Oil in Deepwater GOM?
McDermott – Promotional Video
McDermott – Story of Oil & Gas Offshore
McDermott – Paths of Progress
McDermott – Challenging the Depths
McDermott – Offshore Construction
McDermott – Today’s Pipeline
McDermott – Shell Auger
McDermott – Neptune Spar
Noble Energy – Gulf of Mexico Operations
Oceaneering – ROV Life Offshore
Oceaneering – ROV HD
Oceaneering – Millenium ROV Work
Oceaneering – Subsea Tieback Overview
Oceaneering – Subsea Pumping Technology
Oceaneering – Diverless Pipeline Repair
Oryx (Anadarko) Neptune
Petrobras Cascade and Chinook
Petrobras Cascade and Chinook Flyby
Petrobras Cascade Project – Riser Installation
R.J. Brown Deepwater – A Technology Comes of Age: Pipeline Bundling
R.J. Brown Deepwater – Deepwater Pipeline Bundles
R.J. Brown Deepwater – Arctic Challenge
Rigs-to-Reefs: Towers of Life
Steel Reefs Divers Paradise
TechnipFMC Subsea Overview
The Dazzling Ocean Reefs Hidden Beneath Offshore Oil Rigs
Helicopter Flight Into the Gulf of Mexico
Gulf of Mexico – Offshore Helicopter
A Day in the Life – Deepwater Gulf of Mexico OSV
Edison Chouest Offshore – Life Aboard the Cajun Navy
Crewboat Life in Port Fourchon Louisiana

Deepwater Horizon

National Geographic – Deepwater Horizon In Their Own Words
BP Oil Spill Footage (Hi-Def)
NASA – Satellites View Oil Spill Growing
BP Oil Spill – Landing and Latching of Capping Stack
USCSB – Deepwater Horizon Blowout Animation
NASEM Deepwater Horizon Ten Years Later
Donald Boesch – A Decade After the Deepwater Horizon Explosion

Gulf of Mexico Geology and Geophysics (G&G)

Ancient Origins of the Gulf of Mexico
Publicly Available Geophysical Data in the Gulf of Mexico
API – Offshore Seismic Surveying
12 Months of Marine Seismic – Offshore Mexico to February 2016
Ocean Bottom Node Survey
Ocean Bottom Node Survey in the Western Gulf of Mexico
Gulf of Mexico Geology & Evolution of the Petroleum Industry – Blankenship
Geology and Exploration Trends in the Gulf of Mexico Superbasin US and Mexico