Moderator Guidelines

You may have moderated a million times, or you may have never moderated before! And if you’ve moderated before, some of your tricks might have trouble translating to Zoom. Here are some ways to keep everything comfortable and running efficiently. 

  1. In the “Green Room”
    • Ask panelists for correct pronunciations of their names and their pronouns
    • Ask panelists how they’re running the session
      • How long are their papers?
      • When will they be taking questions?
    • Let the panelists know that you will be keeping time and will be moderating the Q&A
    • Invite the panelists to practice sharing their screens (if necessary) to ensure that all slides can be seen
    • Invite the panelists to post their slides/handouts in the Discord 
  2. Starting the Session
    • Please share the google slides “TCGLA Conference Slides” by pressing “share screen” at the bottom of Zoom.
    • Post the link to the Discord in the Zoom chat box
    • When it’s time for the session to begin, please say something along the lines of:
      •  “Welcome, everyone, to the [Panel Title] of Tracing Christians in Global Late Antiquity” 
      • “My name is ___ and my pronouns are ___” 
      • “Just a few reminders before we get started”
    • Proceed through the slides. You do not have to read them verbatim, please make sure that you cover all information for those who are visually impared.
    • Please then introduce the first panelist
      • “Our panel’s first speaker is [Title, First name, Last Name, Pronouns] from [institution] 
      • “Her/His/Their paper is entitled ________”
    • Stop sharing your screen (typically a green button at the top of your screen)
  3. During the Session
    • Please thank the previous panelist before introducing the next one
    • Introduce each panelist 
      • “Our next panelist is  [Title, First name, Last Name, Pronouns] from [institution]”
      • “Her/His/Their paper is entitled ________”
    • Keep track of time
      • Privately DM the presenter on Zoom with three (3) minutes and one (1) minute left in their time.
    • If you hear background noise, make sure everyone is muted and mute if necessary using the “Participant List”
    • After all of the speakers, introduce the respondent 
      • “Now I would like to introduce our respondent for this session [Title, First Name, Last Name, Institution] 
  4. Q&A
    • Thank panelists and respondents 
    • Announce Q&A and state how long you have for questions
    • Remind the audience of participation guidelines
      • Especially about being mindful of privilege and of calling people in 
    • Remind audience of question asking protocol 
      • Raise hand or write in text box on Zoom
      • Remind people to state their name and pronouns
      • State that you will call on people in the order their question was received
    • Keep track of time
  5. Closing
    • Thank everyone for attending
    • Remind everyone of the next session
    • Remind everyone of the Discord if they want to continue the conversation