Discord Moderator Guidelines

TCGLA21 Discord Moderator Guidelines 

You may have moderated Discord conversations many times, or you may have never moderated before! Regardless, here are some ways to keep everything comfortable and running efficiently:

  1. General Guidelines
    1. Your main job is simply to make sure that everything runs smoothly! 
    2. While unlikely, it’s always possible that we get a bot posting inappropriate images/links. If this happens, please remove the offensive material as soon as you can. 
  2. Before each session, please find the appropriate plenary channel for the day.
    1. Post the intro to Discord text and video links.
    2. If panelists post slides/handouts, be sure to note who has them/who doesn’t and how far up in the chat they are in case other participants ask. 
    3. Remind everyone not to share anything that’s posted in Discord. Any slides/handouts are not for public dissemination. 
  3. During the session
    1. If people begin asking questions for the Q&A, remind them that they must post those questions in Zoom instead. 
    2. Everyone who registered for TCGLA committed to some community standards. (Find them again on the registration page.) We’ve encouraged every single registrant to “call in” folks who might make the community feel troubled or unsafe — this community belongs to all of us, so all of us can always act and prevent harm. But in your role as a moderator, you have a special responsibility to keep sessions civil and helpful for participants. 
    3. Please answer any questions about Discord folks may have. If you don’t know the answer, feel free to send them to the intro text and video links.
  4. After the session
    1. Remind folks that they can continue to hang out and have conversations either in this channel or in the more general “cafe” channel. 

Thank you! We are so grateful for your commitment to community well-being in addition to keeping time and facilitating.