TCGLA 2021

Tracing Christians in Global Late Antiquity

From 30 May to 2 June 2021 scholars committed to equity and inclusion in the study of late antiquity will meet and share their research. Panels exploring new methodological questions on materiality, authorship, and the building and breaching of boundaries in late ancient discourses will be featured, along with individual papers. 

This conference is a gesture of support for junior scholars who withdrew their papers from another event in protest of its sexist, racist, and classist communications. As such, we are not soliciting proposals but rather providing a home for roughly 30 papers, most in Early Christian Studies. 

Because of the ad hoc nature of this event, the program often defaults to whiteness and to US-centrism. As such, this should not be seen as the inaugural Global Late Antiquity Society (GLAS) meeting, nor as identical with GLAS, but merely as GLAS’s first intervention. In a move to align the conference more explicitly with GLAS’s mission, we have framed the panels with opening and closing roundtables. These discuss the patterns of ethical failings which formed studies of late antiquity: How have structures of inequity such as sexism, racism, classism, and imperialism shaped and limited what we know about late antique Christians? 

Instructions to presenters will be posted separately. We aim for an informal and supportive discussion environment. All sessions will be plenary to facilitate maximum engagement within the community of scholars attending. Panels grouped together out of individual papers will be provided with a respondent. A substantial group of senior scholars have volunteered their time both to be respondents and to be in attendance to provide support, encouragement and feedback.

The conference is free of charge. An online platform has been provided by the University of Iowa. You can find more information on conference format, with instructions to presenters and respondents, when you register. If you have questions please contact