Monday, July 8, 2019 • 9AM–1PM
Utrecht University

Yale University Library’s Digital Humanities Lab and the University of Iowa Libraries’ Digital Scholarship & Publishing Studio propose a half-day workshop addressing a long under-discussed linchpin of digital humanities work: day-to-day and infrastructural administration. This workshop highlights organizational strategies within the administration of digital scholarship centers, units, and initiatives, as well as the various challenges inherent in that work and the evolving array of solutions people have developed to meet those challenges.

Designed for staff-side administrators—whether they be a singular Digital
Humanities Librarian charged with serving an entire campus or a collection of people working within a clearly defined center—and welcoming of interested faculty and graduate students, the workshop will engage participants in a frank, pragmatic set of discussions and exercises.

Topics addressed will include: org charts (real and desired); working across units and institutions; the administrative politics of turfiness; GLAM collaborations; public engagement workflows; staff agency; and advocacy of others in service to getting things done.