Photo: Courtesy the Family Archives of George Edgerly and Ann Marie Harris, Hibiscus and the Angels of Light

The Yippies

Abbie Hoffman


Abbie Hoffman was an activist who co-founded the Youth International Party (better known as the Yippies) and helped organize Washington, D.C.’s first major antiwar demonstration, where Ed Sanders and others attempted to levitate the Pentagon. [more]

Bob Fass


Longtime WBAI DJ Bob Fass’s free-form radio program, Radio Unnameable, aired from midnight to the early morning, served as a community message board and a place for Bob Dylan, Allen Ginsberg, and others to stop by and chat. [more]

Ed Sanders


Ed Sanders was a mimeo publisher, frontman of the Fugs, and potty-mouthed poet who opened the influential Peace Eye Bookstore on the Lower East Side, cofounded the Yippies, and was also involved in the underground film scene. [more]

Jim Fouratt


The actor, activist, and scenester Jim Fouratt was a regular at Caffe Cino, Max’s Kansas City, and other downtown hangouts; in addition to cofounding the Yippies, he witnessed the Stonewall Rebellion firsthand and later managed Studio 54 and Danceteria. [more]

Paul Krassner


Paul Krassner published the influential satirical magazine The Realist—which pioneered an envelope-pushing style that laid the groundwork for “New Journalism”—and he also cofounded the Yippies with Ed Sanders, Abbie Hoffman, Jim Fouratt, and others. [more]