Crenshaw, Miss Hattie

Miss Hattie Crenshaw

Ms. Hattie Laura Crenshaw was a lifelong resident of Marengo, Iowa, with an interest in the Marengo Public Library.  She served as the sixth librarian of the Marengo Public Library.[1] Further evidence of her support included her service as the Secretary of the Ingleside Club, a Women’s Organization that assisted the Marengo Public Library with fundraising and literacy events.[2]  Hattie Crenshaw later served as the treasurer of the Marengo Public Library in 1939.[3]  In 1943, Ms. Crenshaw worked with the Marengo Public Library and the local high school to facilitate a book review club; as a result library use increased by 40%.[4]

She was born in 1877 in Marengo, to parents Josephus Crenshaw and Laura Cadawaller.[5]  Ms. Crenshaw attended not only Coe College, and the University of Iowa, but also the University at Columbia in New York.[6]  Ms. Crenshaw returned to Marengo, and for over 35 years, she served as a teacher and subsequently as the Principal of the Marengo High School.  In 1942, Miss Crenshaw helped charter a program for adults to get their high school diploma.[7]  She passed away in 1943 in Marengo, and is buried IOOF Cemetery in Marengo.

-Kathryn Heffner


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