The Iowa Canon of Ancient Authors and Works, currently under development, will be based on a database of all known Greek and Latin authors and their writings, including fragmentary and lost texts, from the earliest period through the seventh century CE.  It will provide extensive metadata for each work, including the date and place of its composition; its status as pseudepigraphic or disputed; its status as complete, fragmentary, or lost; its status as a translation or original Latin composition; its status as Christian or non-Christian; attested abbreviations for the work; a genre designation based on the project’s genre typology; and cross references to other canonical ids (such as the Perseus Catalog, digilibLT, and the Packard Latin Canon).  A beta version, to be released in Fall 2019, will focus on the Latin corpus, and will provide faceted search capabilities for selecting a sub-corpus; and basic text analysis features, such as word clouds, derived from texts available under a CC BY-NC-SA license.