• LGBTQ@Iowa
  • “The experiences of gay, military men and the impact on one’s sense of masculinity,” Marcus Christopher Alt

    Research Cover of Psych Paper

    Marcus Christopher Alt’s 2015 dissertation examines the place and experience of gay identity within the US military. Using interviews with thirteen servicemen – some actively serving, others retired – Alt explores concepts of masculinity within the military and through the experiences of the interviewees.   There were no set criteria pertaining to “outness” of sexual […]

  • Asian/Asian American@Iowa
  • The effects of generational status on college adjustment and psychological well-being among South Asian American college students

    Writing Center

    This doctoral dissertation by Munni Deb seeks to understand the ways in which South Asian American college students’ experiences of college are affected by their parents’ educational statuses. By analyzing data on academic success and emotional well-being, the author looked at whether students whose parents attended college have advantages in those areas over first generation college students. Deb writes,   More than […]

  • First Generation@Iowa
  • The effects of the first year of college on undergraduates’ development of altruistic and socially responsible behavior

    Volunteer Work

    The value of college education goes beyond simply gaining academic knowledge, and researcher Ryan David Padgett explores two particular social benefits that are often overlooked by those who allocate funding to higher education: altruism and social responsibility. Padgett gives special consideration in his study to first generation college students. Padgett writes,   Findings from this pretest-posttest, longitudinal study suggest […]

  • First Generation@Iowa
  • Getting out, missing out, and surviving

    Students apply for campus jobs at the UIowa Job Fair, 2003

    In her 2013 dissertation, Georginna LaNelle Martin explores the ways in which social class mediates the experiences of White, low-income, first-generation students as they progress through higher education. Using a critical theoretical lens, Martin analyzes how this aspect of their identity influenced how these students viewed themselves and others in the college context.   …the many hours low-income, […]

  • Women@Iowa
  • “Love. Sex. Shoes.” Suzanne Marie Cody

    detail of shoes

    In this collection of performance essays, Suzanne Marie Cody uses shoes and clothes to explore the many lives a woman may live. Each pair conveys a different experience, a different time and different lessons like chapters of a book, while constantly calling attention to what it means to walk a mile in a woman’s shoes – whether they’re hiking boots or red stilettos.

  • Asian/Asian American@Iowa
  • Rethinking woman’s place in Chinese society

    Woman in China, 1944

    Linghua Xu’s 2015 MA thesis uses the 1934 Shanghai film New Woman to closely examine the place of women in Chinese society. Writes Xu:   The conception of “new woman”(xin nü xing, 新女性) was popularized during the New Culture Movement beginning from 1919, which was a whole-scale criticism and rethinking of Chinese culture surrounding almost every aspect of Chinese […]

  • African American/Black@Iowa
  • “Shades of an urban frontier,” Robert Arthur Gillespie

    Cover of Dune

    Robert Arthur Gillespie’s 2015 dissertation looks at cities, science fiction literature and the place of race within them. Looking at urban expanses like Frank Herbert’s Arrakeen in Dune, Gillespie uses “two city typologies […] the ‘imperial city’ that reigns at the heart of sf’s many empires, and the empty metropolis of the ‘dead city’ or ‘ghost city.'”

  • African American/Black@Iowa
  • “Exodus of champions,” Daniel Lawrence Taradash

    Muhammad Ali Speaking, 1968

    Daniel Lawrence Taradash’s 2015 dissertation looks at how popular heavyweight champions were shaped by the political and social environments of their time. Focusing on Floyd Patterson, Sonny Liston, Joe Frazier and George Foreman, he explores the differences in opinion each man had regarding issues such as segregation and how they defined themselves against Ali’s largely ignored, hardline segregationist stance.

  • African American/Black@Iowa
  • A study of the experiences of Black college female student athletes at a predominantly White institution

    Iowa Women's Basketball 1991

    The purpose of this study was to gather descriptive data on the experiences of Black female student athletes. A better understanding of the experiences of Black female student athletes as students, as athletes, and as developing young women may help student affairs practitioners better understand their collegiate experience; provide them with information to make decisions […]

  • African American/Black@Iowa
  • “Mediated constructions and lived experiences of place,” Robert Edward Gutsche Jr.

    Iowa City Map

    This dissertation advances previous research on the journalistic interpretive community by placing news at the center of a community’s construction of place. By focusing on the construction of Iowa City, Iowa’s “Southeast Side” – neighborhoods home to predominantly newly arrived black residents from Chicago and other urban areas – this study identifies dominant news characterizations […]

  • African American/Black@Iowa
  • “Crossover narratives,” Eric David Johnson

    Jazz Band 1950

    Eric David Johnson’s 2012 dissertation examines the idea of “authenticity” in various kinds of musical genres. He looks to the years between 1935 and 1965 and jazz, Afro-Carribbean musical forms, and blues revivalism to gain an understanding of how the stories we tell ourselves socially and culturally about what is and is not real African American music get told.