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  • The effects of generational status on college adjustment and psychological well-being among South Asian American college students

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    This doctoral dissertation by Munni Deb seeks to understand the ways in which South Asian American college students’ experiences of college are affected by their parents’ educational statuses. By analyzing data on academic success and emotional well-being, the author looked at whether students whose parents attended college have advantages in those areas over first generation college students. Deb writes,   More than […]

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  • The effects of the first year of college on undergraduates’ development of altruistic and socially responsible behavior

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    The value of college education goes beyond simply gaining academic knowledge, and researcher Ryan David Padgett explores two particular social benefits that are often overlooked by those who allocate funding to higher education: altruism and social responsibility. Padgett gives special consideration in his study to first generation college students. Padgett writes,   Findings from this pretest-posttest, longitudinal study suggest […]

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  • Getting out, missing out, and surviving

    Students apply for campus jobs at the UIowa Job Fair, 2003

    In her 2013 dissertation, Georginna LaNelle Martin explores the ways in which social class mediates the experiences of White, low-income, first-generation students as they progress through higher education. Using a critical theoretical lens, Martin analyzes how this aspect of their identity influenced how these students viewed themselves and others in the college context.   …the many hours low-income, […]