Latinatas, Identity, and Ideology, by Marilda Janet Oviedo

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In Marilda Janet Oviedo’s 2013 dissertation Growing up Latinita: Latina girls, online ‘zine production, and identity formation, the media products of the non-profit organization Latinitas are examined to understand how they impact their reader’s ideology and how they help create and establish personal identity. Latinitas claims to empower Latina youth through education, including two age related magazines, a web site, and multiple afterschool programs.

The Latinitas organization’s media products are uniquely suited to my purpose of examining this underrepresented population through the lens of identity formation. An examination of the texts produced by the organization’s founders, editors, and members will afford me the ability to explore the ways in which identity is institutionalized (by the Latinitas organization as well as by the girls’ gender, age, locality, ethnicity, language) and constructed (via the girls own productive endeavors).

This study helps deconstruct the influence media has in the creation of personal identity, and provides insight into how ideologically imbued media is both read and interpreted by audiences. While understanding media intend is sorely missed within this thesis, by studying both content and corresponding blog postings, identity creation is closely examined.

Marilda Janet Oviedo. “Growing up Latinita: Latina girls, online ‘zine production, and identity formation” PhD (Doctor of Philosophy) Thesis, University of Iowa, 2013.