“Queers, Art and Education,” Ed Check

Research Cover of Psych Paper

Ed Check’s 1992 article, “Queers, Art and Education” combines academic inquiry and personal reflection in examining how one’s sexual orientation impacts one’s teaching and and scholarly work.


Subtle wonderment, years ago, on my part, as to how my sexual orientation would impact my life and art has given way to an overt activism which affects all facets of my teaching and life activities. Issues of sexual orientation can be found in my writing, my artwork and my teaching.

Check moves spiritedly through the history, urgency, and personal and political aesthetics at play in art education and sexuality – using specific examples to detail his claims. His working paper captures the tensions that inform personal and pedagogical approaches to teaching.

Ed Check. “Queers, Art and Education.” Marilyn Zurmuehlin Working Papers in Art Education 11 (1992): 98-102.