Eve Drewelowe Digital Collection

Drewelowe Painting Cropped
Pumpkin by Eve Drewelowe, 1943. Oil on Linen. Eve Drewelowe Digital Collection.

Eve Drewelowe received her BA in Graphic and Plastic Arts from the University of Iowa in 1923.  She petitioned the UI in order to pursue her course of study at the graduate level. A year later she completed the MA in Graphic and Plastic Arts, becoming one of the first people in the nation to receive this degree. In her career, she exhibited in nearly a dozen states with her work shown at National Association of Women Artists exhibitions, the Art Institute of Chicago, the Denver Art Museum, and the National Museum of Women in the Arts.

The Eve Drewelowe Digital Collection was one of the most comprehensive digitization projects undertaken by the University of Iowa Libraries, resulting in a surrogate digital collection that nearly matches the archival collection held by the Iowa Women’s Archives. The collection includes biographical information, correspondence (much of it in DIY History), exhibit materials, manuscripts, travel journals and sketchbooks, scrapbooks, photographs, artwork inventories, and other miscellaneous materials.

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