“Who do you think you are?”

Kanye West & Mike Myers
Kanye West & Mike Myers
Kanye West & Mike Myers, “Hurricane Relief Benefit” concert and telethon on NBC Friday, September 3rd 2005

Dr. André Brock’s 2009 POROI essay looks at Black identity in personal and online contexts. As Brock writes:


I examine the Internet as a “third place” for the online representation of Black identity by Blacks and by non-Blacks following two critical incidents in recent public culture: Kanye West’s Hurricane Katrina speech and the Rev. Joseph Lowery’s inauguration benediction. As a third place, the Internet encourages intimate discursive interaction, similar to the way Black barber shops and beauty salons allowed private spaces for identity discourses between Black men and women.

As he explores its impact on our understanding of identity, Brock also discusses ways in which the Internet facilitates the circulation and visibility of “formerly private spaces to non-Blacks.”

Brock, André. ““Who do you think you are?”: Race, Representation, and Cultural Rhetorics in Online Spaces.Poroi 6, Iss. 1 (2009): p. 15-35.