Sexing the Colorlines: Black Sexualities, Popular Culture, and Cultural Production

Poroi v.7 issue 2 cover
Poroi v.7 issue 2 cover
Deborah Elizabeth Whaley, Illuminated, 2004. Watercolor on canvas, 16 x 32 (© DEW 2004).

This is a special issue of Poroi with selected papers presented at the symposium “Sexing the Colorlines,” which took place on November 16, 2009 at the University of Iowa. In the introduction, Deborah Elizabeth Whaley states:


Papers in this issue cohere around how sexualities manifest in the experiences and representations of people of African descent in the U.S. Each scholar presses the boundaries of sexuality studies, by thinking through and beyond scholarship that focuses on heterosexism and the queer subject, to explore emancipatory heterosexuality, queerness, pornography and kink; anti-monosexuality and new epistemologies of sexual and gender performance; and, the queering of heterosexuality. This issue represents a range of interdisciplinary fields, including film, literary, music, performance, media, political, studio art, and autoethnography studies.

Read more about how race, gender performance, sexuality are explored, defined, and negotiated in the US through a range of disciplinary lenses. Whaley writes, “As each article, essay, and visual installation here asks the reader to reexamine conceptions of race and sexualities in cultural production and in the public sphere, we hope that collectively “Sexing the Colorlines” offers a way to see, imagine, and live Black sexualities anew.”

Sexing the Colorlines: Black Sexualities, Popular Culture, and Cultural Production, special issue of Poroi, Volume 7, Issue 2 (2011)